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Main Menu

The MDGM Portal Main Menu consists of the following features:

The Info Gua Musang menu provides useful information on Gua Musang to portal users. The kind of information you can find in this menu include useful local area information, interesting places to visit, public transportation and a handy telephone directory.

Example :


Main Menu


Portal users will also be able to learn of the various services provided in and around Gua Musang along with an address guide in the Services menu. E-services are also offered by the Council to make it easier for users to access assessment tax and compound information, as well as license and traders applications.

The Resources Menu allows users to reference a wide array of useful information including circulars, schedules, compounds and legal aspects under the jurisdiction of the Council administration. Users can also discuss issues and share their opinions in the Forum section available.

The News & Events Menu includes the latest information and announcements pertaining to Gua Musang. The Photo gallery is one of the more popular submenus you can find in this section, with an interesting collection of photos.

All the important information about the Gua Musang District Council and its management can be accessed in the MD Gua Musang Menu.



The Search function located at the top right hand corner will help users to find specific information they are looking for. As for now, the Search function can locate information in News & Events, Articles (within Resources), and Services (located on the top left hand corner of each page)


Photo Gallery

  • Loading photo collection classify as Category and Album.
  •  For example, in Landskap's category in Pasir Puteh District there are photo collection about in the vicinity garden and  landscape in Pasir Puteh.
  • Consumer can be click in picture to know further description.
  •  Picture also could be downloaded.

Example :

Phot Gallery




  • Calendar give a lead to users concerning incidents has happened at certain dates.
  • It also represented submenu Peristiwa resides within Berita's menu
  • Consumer be able to see if are an activity / programme through dates have been blackened.
  • Click in certain date would display activity / that programme to day.
  • To know activity total in that month, consumer can be click in Lagi Peristiwa Bulan Ini occur at Cale


Mobile Web

How to access the website using your mobile phone.

  1. Make sure you phone is set up for 3G connection.  (Contact your service provider if you are not sure).
  2. Alternatively, if your phone or PDA has WiFi connection, please enable your WiFi availability and search your preferred WiFi connection.  (Please do note that most WiFi need to be subscribe).
  3. Select the browser that is pre-installed in your phone (e.g. Internet Explorer  , Opera  , Safari  , Web Mobile, etc.)
  4. Access the site using the browser by typing and click OK/Enter/Submit. The display below will be shown on your mobile phone screen (it depends on the make and model of mobile phone used).





    What is RSS?
    RSS (also known as "RSS Feed", "Syndication" etc. to be referred from herein on end as RSS) stands for Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary (RSS 0.9 and 1.0) is an XML (Extensible Markup Language) application following the specification of the World Wide Consortium (W3C) . It is a news syndication format used as an agent to access news or data online from web sites which support the application.

    Why is RSS necessary?
    Rapidly developing technology in online publishing has made for easier distribution of the latest information through the web, and you can access a wide array of the latest information from your favourite websites without having to remember the site URL or regularly checking your email. This RSS application has been specifically designed for web developers to channel the latest information from the Gua Musang District Council (MDGM). Through this application, it is hoped that MDGM  will be able to update its portal with the latest information in a faster and more effective manner. Through this RSS feed, you can also:

    • Select the news you want to know more about, and which is relevant to your needs
    • Indirectly, you will be assured of accessing only secure and trustworthy content, and be protected from spam
    • Save time
    • Access latest information on MD GUA MUSANG faster and more effectively
    • Get the latest news and info without having to surf this site

    How to use RSS?

    To use RSS on the MD Gua Musang website, please use the following steps:

    1. Click on the RSS icon on the homepage.
    2. You will be directed to all RSS pages in the MD Gua Musang website. Click on the list of your choice.
    3. Users are encouraged to "Subscribe To This Feed".
    4. You can choose where you want to view the RSS feed e.g. Browser or another RSS reader.
    5. In this way, you will automatically receive the latest content posted on the MD Gua Musang website.

    Where can I get an RSS reader?

    You can download a desktop or web-based RSS reader from the internet. Choose a reader that you're your usage requirements best because the functions of different readers address different uses and requirements. The following is a list of popular readers :



    QR Code

    Now you can browse Gua Musang District Council Official Portal through a mobile version via your smartphone by accessing the MDGM QR code. Information on how to use the QR code has been provided below:
    How to Use the QR Code through Smartphones :

    1. Download and install the QR Reader which is compatible with your smartphone.
    2. Select and activate the QR Reader application before scanning the QR Code using your smartphone's camera.
    3. You will promptly be directed to the mobile version of the MDGM Official Portal.
    4. Content and information in the MDGM Web Mobile will be updated from time to time.